Mother Nature’s way of signalling the importance of the letter ‘Y”

Letter Y significance

The letter “Y”, in antiquity, has often represented a

“bivium” (a fork in the road); a point in life where we

have to make a vital decision. According to Pythagoras,

it represents the paths of virtue and vice.

You may want to read the section “Symbolism” in the

Wikipedia article on “Upsilon”

Y is symbolic of You, Yourself, Year, Yesterday, Yours,

Yes, Yealing, Youthful, Yahweh, Yonder, Yacht, Yoga,

yellow, yearning.

The letter Y is also symbolic of

looking within, Inner contemplation, Meditation and

inner wisdom.

Quornesha S Lemon’


    • Thank you Anamika.Glad you liked the shot.
      It was in the hill stationEvery 2- 3 minutes we could see one lightening spark.No tripod of course.
      I sat down with elbows tucked in my hips I tried the shot,If you are more interested these are the exif details.
      Exposure 20 seconds
      Focal lenth 18 mm
      ISO 100
      I am not a professional photographer.I am an amateur photographer.Initially it was a passion.Now it has become a habit. Thanks again for the interest you showed.
      I presume you area a professinal photographer

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      • Wow! That was a detailed professional answering for an amateur. I am not a professional photographer, even though it was a part of my curriculum. But I have an eye for a good photography and i found yours extremely a good work. Looks like u have persuaded your passion very passionately…
        Keep the spirit up.. glad to meet you through Alien Poet’s blog. But i have somehow followed your blog before itself.
        Guess it was a follow back and it was a blind follow…sorry abt that….
        How shld i address you as, if you don’t mind asking you…..

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      • Thank you Anamika for your kind words.Thank you again…this time for giving an opportunity to follow your blog.Looks like Some Cosmic Power always plays a huge role as to who has to interact with whom and at what time etc.I am glad I met you and started scrolling Your blog ,my God,fantastic photos.of excellent quality,even tiltle of your blog articles so mesmarising and I am just begging for time to go go through your articles.Let us keep in touch. I am Sridhar,you can address me by that name.

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      • Hi Sridhar….yes sometimes good things happen at the right time. I am honoured by your response about my blog. Pic are mostly borrowed in my posts for i try to convey my thoughts thru the pics along with the words. Yes like you i feel a good photograph can speak a thousand words
        Some yes i have clicked, but they are relatively very few…
        Hope you are enjoying your tour. Give me sometime before i go through yours too… But from the few I saw in your blog, I was spell bound. Especially that one of the lightning and the cross on the top of the tree.
        How God works wonders i thought for a second….
        You following my blog is an honour Sridhar ji . Shldnt i be thanking u for that. Haha….😁
        It is a pleasure to meet you Sridhar ji
        Anamika… .☺

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