We see What we want to see & feel great about ourselves…. (and love to remember the Almighty only during agony)

In the recent discussion in blog articles about ‘Truth’ and meaning of ‘Absolute truth’ and ‘Relative truth, I realized that we forgot to discuss the role of ‘Maya’ ( illusion). Recently I came across an article in op ed of Deccan Chronicle,and thought it’s apt to understand the meaning of Maya  (illusion),in our day to day life’ by sharing the same . Before we proceed further, you should know that Sudama, is a childhood friend of Hindu Deity Lord Krishna. One day Sudama wished to have a glimpse of God’s Maya (illusion). He had heard a lot about Maya but never understood what it was as he was always surrendered to God. One day, he finally asked Lord Krishna, “What is Maya? What is the form of Maya? How does Maya untangle a man?” He directly sought answers of these questions from Lord Krishna and kept requesting him to show a glimpse of Maya. Lord Krishna replied that when time comes he shall give him the answers and also show him Maya. Then he said, “Let us go to Yamuna to take bath.”  Both of them came to the banks of Yamuna to take bath. After taking bath, Lord Krishna started dressing in Yellow and in the meantime Sudama went to take a dip in water. At the time of taking dip, Sudama felt that the river was flooded and he was being washed away in it. With great difficulty, by […]

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God vs Us

A man walked to the top of a hill to talk to God The man asked, “God, what’s a million years to you?” and God said, “A minute.” Then the man asked, “Well, what’s a million dollars to you?” and God said, “A penny.” Then the man asked, “God…..can I have a penny?” and God said, “Sure…..in a minute.” Is […]

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Although Bangles are worn for style all over the world,the ornament hold special significance in Hinduism. It is almost similar to the ‘Wedding Ring” in the Western Culture. For Hindu Women Bangles are of Sentimental value,symbol of good luck. A Hindu Woman is deemed incomplete without this,so much so even the poorest of the poor wear some form of Bangles. […]

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Don’t feel bad….

Every bad situation will have something positive. Even a dead clock shows correct time ,twice a day. Unknown During the difficult time in life, develop the habit of  having immense  faith that situations will improve and soon your  life will be on the right track. To be frank ,this is what happens if you have a little patience and sooner the dark clouds get cleared and you get a perfect vision to see things and get ideas how best to come out of the situation in a positive way. Don’t ask me how much time it will take,remember,these are testing times and have faith and patience. Ultimately you are the winner ! SOME CONFUSION Some say the above unknow quote is nothing but Height of OPTIMISM or even go to the extent of telling us it’s Height of IDIOSY. IF YOU REALLY BELIEVE THIS QUOTE, ARE YOU NOT BOTH A FOOL & OPTIMISTIC,since rest of the time the clock shows nothing but wrong time misleading you. Still Confused ?? Let us patiently wait for the members of the community to extend their expertise.

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Naked truth

A thousand men can’t undress a naked man. ~Greek proverb Inspiration by efisoul63 via the-naked-truth/ Since I am a layman,apologies for my ignorance. I am not sure what exactly the proverb trying to convey .I request learned members to enlighten me . Don’t you agree that proverbs give us that extra knowledge and wonderful wisdom ?? Or you think proverbs are nothing but impossibilities or sometimes even absurdities,outdated sometimes contradictory … in context of modern word’s thinking prowess ? I was not getting a proper and quick answer for the above proverb from the internet search and finally I was successful and  I felt one answer applies perfectly. “It means that honesty has no shame and nothing to hide“ Princessblaise39(Yahoo answers)   Your thoughts on Proverbs ? Curiosities in proverbs

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Cross on the Tree

Cross on the tree,Jesus christ,cross,christianity

cross on the tree The ‘Cross’ represents the universal symbol of the Christian Faith and I was lucky to see a’Cross’ from the mother nature. When I was passing through one of the hill stations, I noticed this particular tree far away from the human population , having a ‘Cross Symbol ‘ on the top . I just can not […]

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Mother Nature’s way of signalling the importance of the letter ‘Y”

Letter Y significance

The letter “Y”, in antiquity, has often represented a “bivium” (a fork in the road); a point in life where we have to make a vital decision. According to Pythagoras, it represents the paths of virtue and vice. You may want to read the section “Symbolism” in the Wikipedia article on “Upsilon” ‘Eugenio Gattinara  – Quora Y is symbolic of […]

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Pareidolia,imaginations,clouds,animal faces,faces

Any Idea what Pareidolia means ? I did not know till I googled and found out the meaning ,when I started searching for how and why the Human beings are capable of weird imaginations of things that we see and ….I stumbled upon this terminology. According to rationalwiki Pareidolia is the phenomenon of recognizing patterns, shapes, and familiar objects in […]

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Writing on the ‘note’

writing on the currency notes,currency notes,Indian rupee

One minute read “Don’t be afraid to express love to those who you love. Because sometimes loving is not enough. We have to express it.” Anurag Prakash Ray. What a ‘Silent’ way to express ones love ! As seen in the above photographs, the persons have expressed their love in a silent way by writing on the currency notes. Looks […]

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Happy ‘International Day of Old Persons’

Just 2 minutes read I am not sure at what age person can be described as a  Old Person ! Every  country has its own criteria I hope.Who decides ? How does it feel like to be old ? I always felt I’m not old rather  becoming younger as I am aging. Can I decide and declare to my family that that I can never be old ? and nobody dare call me old ! Or Can I decide and declare that I am old ? Is definition of old age is by the number of years or by appearance ? Young people may appear old and old people may appear young by looks.Some confusion being added up. Also the funny part is how each age group think of the number when asked about the definition of old age in years, Those below 20 say old age starts at 60 Those around 50  say old age starts at 70-80 Those around 70  say old age starts at 90 + Simply calling a person ‘old idiot’ ……are we succumbing to ‘racism ? Who is right and who is wrong ? Younger generation feel,they are looked down by the older generation and if you ask older generation,they say it’s just the opposite. Why majority of the people are secretive about their age ? Does it look bad in the society if you reveal your age ? Nothing makes you look older than […]

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