Is there any such thing called positive addiction ?

Positive addiction,addiction,negative addiction

The word ADDICTION sends jitters down the spines.

I know you started thinking of drugs,smoking,alcohol,gambling,sex,pornography,food,video games…..and the list goes on.

Human being is not immune to ‘weakness’.The greatness lies making the weakness into positive Strength.

Have we to think of addiction only in negative term ?

Can addiction be ‘Positive’ ?

Can’t we have ‘positive addiction’ ?

Example- People in order to to maintain a healthy life style may indulge in having

1.Vitamins.2.Fruits.3.Regular exercises.4.Body building 5 .consumption of water.6.Taking up the job, you are passionate.7.Reading.8.Spending more of family time.9.Dancing.etc.etc

Positive addiction is supposed to bring health ,happiness,strength,famiy bond,contentment,appreciation of the magnanimity of the Almighty,improve the wisdom and spirituality,above all bring the ‘Feel good factor ‘.

Remember not to over do it.Otherwise it becomes negative addiction.

I feel one can have ‘positive addiction’ without the component of ‘Negative consequences

Finally a question to the readers….

Can you name ‘healthy behaviour’ as ‘Positive Addiction’ ?

Is not ‘positive addiction’ contradicting the very definition of addiction ?

According to Wikipedia Addiction is a brain disorder characterized by compulsive engagement in rewarding stimuli despite adverse consequences”.

Please enlighten me further.

Inspiration- William Glasser, Pixabay


  1. Agree with you addiction can be positive but generally this term is used in negative sense only.Even too much of good things is called bad by many people.So i think “positive addiction”is just doesn’t exist.

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  2. There does not seem to be any fair way of describing the oxytocin bond between lovers other than as an addiction — albeit not usually a negative one.

    Oxytocin is — according to some scientists — as addictive as heroin. It produces in us the warm and fuzzy feelings we have when we’re bonded to lovers, parents, children, etc.

    Unfortunately, it will bond you just as hard to a good person as to a bad person. So there’s that.

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  3. Is Addiction the right word for the feeling good factor. Don’t you think life gives us enough challenges on a daily basis to balance the feeling good factor ya the Oxytocin hormones we get used to? And these little joys which surfaces in our daily life are the one which keeps us still smiling at the end of the day inspite of these daily basis challenges we face.


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