Happy Independence Day


5 unexpected reasons why Indians make it as CEOs of Global Companies

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8 thoughts on “Happy Independence Day

  1. Interesting! Especially the bit about dealing with ambiguity. I can see how Indian culture would give someone a leg up on that.

    My own experience of Indian businessmen has been limited but positive. The one curiosity that stands out has been what I consider — rightly or wrongly — an over-indulgence in astrology and numerology.

    Had a client once whose lucky number was “five”. So he never signed contracts on any dates that were not divisible by five. The fifth of the month, the tenth, etc were the only days he’d come on board. It wasn’t difficult to accommodate him, of course.

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    1. Tolerance for ambiguity is manifest in a person’s ability to operate effectively in an uncertain environment.The greatness of an Indian lies in this principle.Because of the enormous cultural differences we are used to the unexpected situations,still capable of absorbing the same with a positive note.Glad ,so for your experience with Indians is o a positive note.Agree with you regarding the Astrology part.You correctly put is as over indulgence,this is because most of the Indians hesitate to take a single breath if there is no guidance from astrology.Thanks for the wonderful feedback

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  2. This is an excellent article. I have seen this in action in California where I live for certain. There is a quality of service, a quality of communications and very calm and reassuring personalities that I have dealt with. Also, the East Indian doctors I have dealt with have been the best I have ever had. They are sensitive to the patient’s needs, and they really pay attention to what the patient is saying, and also have a wonderful philosophy in how they deal with the patient. It makes me feel good as a person even when I am really ill physically, and also it gives me the confidence to know I am going to get better because my doctor is not going to forget me after I leave his or her office. Thank you again for this good article. It needed to be written!

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      1. You know, in this world, regardless of what culture, what race, what spiritual, religious or political views we may have, in the end result, we are all one people. Whoever created us, or whatever process, the fact is that we were all intended to be here on this earth or we surely would have been somewhere else. I believe too that we all need to be open-minded to each other’s differences because we have all grown up differently. We may think we can do a better job of running the countries, but who of us would volunteer to do it? Even if you are a strong and ethical person (of which I have no doubt), you have to deal with hundreds of people every single day for long hours, who do not share your views and who may even be corrupt/dishonest. I honestly can’t even begin to imagine how one person could take all that on. We are all human beings and need to focus on the things we share, rather than those we may not. Wouldn’t this world be fantastic if every country cooperated on solving world issues like hunger in some countries, water conservation and energy, and a million other things that could benefit everyone?

        I hope with all my heart that the day will come when all sorts of races, cultures, languages and spiritual/religious beliefs will sit down at big tables all together and look for our similarities, rather than differences. Life is too short to live that way, always looking for what is wrong with everyone else.

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