Blog this way…..not that way !!


What is the philosophy behind blogging ?

Blogging is a more flexible medium.

Here the you can express the emotions, share the life’s experience with blogging community.

You can prepare the article leisurely, develop common interest with other bloggers, be more inspirational and encouraging ,bringing happiness and smile in everyone involved.

How to blog ?

This is million dollar question.

You are enthusiastic. You wish to be heard. You realized that blogging is the easiest way to reach millions.

Then you are stuck. You are not sure of the topic, and most of the topics are already discussed, dissected and deciphered. Even if you decide to write a post you are not sure how much inspirational, it is going to be and you can not afford to be amateurish.

you want more likes, more comments and unlimited number of follows.

Your wish is to achieve these impossible tasks in the shortest time possible. But then how ?

That is where you can utilize the principle of Beg, Barrow & Steal.

Go through as many blog articles as possible, find out the various material available in tune with your interests, amalgamate the thought processes. Finally Come out successfully with your own ideas.

OMG! Is that the way you advice budding bloggers ?

Come on, don’t be mean. I never recommended plagiarism. Have patience and go through the Wise men’s quotes at the end.

Benefits of Beg-Barrow-Steal:

1. It can be innovative ,by mixing ideas.

2. Recycling the available knowledge pool can give you more creativity.

3. Creative Commons license allows you to  use its contents and you can come out with best articles.

Remember Never, never indulge in Plagiarism

Don’t forget to give credit to the authors, from whom you gained confidence and the required knowledge.

Now coming to the Wise Men’s wise counsel

If you steal from one author it’s plagiarism. If you steal from many it is research. ‘Wilson Mizner

Good writers borrow from other writers. Great writers steal from them outright.  ‘Aaron Sorkin’

Good artists copy, great artists steal.Plano Picasso’

If you have reached this point, I am thankful and appreciative of your patience.

Thank you.

Philosophy Through Photography

Inspiration-Mellisa Breau, Jon Morrow Image-pixabay derivative



2 thoughts on “Blog this way…..not that way !!

  1. To me the key is who are you blogging for?

    First and foremost, I blog for myself. I want a record of my thoughts — but more than that, I love to write.

    Second, I blog to communicate — to prompt thought, entertain — whatever others can get out of it.

    The first is for me, the second is for others.

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    1. Thank you Paul with your characteristic thought provoking answer. Blogging as I understand can broadly be put under categories like ,1.Personal- passionate writers selecting their subject of interest.2.Blogs maintained by companies to advt their products.3.Blogs dedicated for humanity.4.Blogs dedicated to teaching and spreading the knowledge.5.Blogs dedicated to hatred/love/inspiration.6.Blog that cover anything under the Sun.
      I guess you come under category 1, expressing your passion for writing and eliciting response.My post is for the newbies,who are lost for ideas.Thank you, it’s always pleasure to interact with you.


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