Power of Prayers

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‘Power of Prayers can’t be explained.ButPower of Prayers can be experienced ‘. Unknown

If you can’t see light at the end of the tunnel, blast your way through the power of Prayers

Otherwise how you think the Thai kids along with their coach came out safely ?

How do you think Chilean or Chinese miners were saved ? How you think many impossibles become possible?

Prayers for Thai Kids & their coach

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5 thoughts on “Power of Prayers

  1. So very true ….profound is power of faith and prayer.I feel like sharing a few lines from my earlier poem on ‘What is a prayer…which I felt apt ‘here.
    A prayer is a healing calm-th, in despair and devastation.
    A prayer is a call out in troubled times.
    A prayer is within reach and beckoning.
    A prayer is a helping hand from within…
    A prayer is much more beyond the folded hands bowing.
    A prayer is the strength of the indomitable will. 
    A prayer is a meditation in action…

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