Bald Truth

Unbelievable !                                                                                                                           21st century Surprise !!! Prof.Dr.Google,single most respected and revered personality,without whose advice and support we are non existence, could not give me the exact definition and meaning of the idiom or phrase…(whatever you call it), of “Bald truth” But I noticed many writers using these two words.I request the English Teaching professors to enlighten us how it originated. As a student in my school days,I remember it implies ‘frankness’. Can we also think of an alternate.. ‘Ugly Truth’ ? Huh ! Why Truth has to be ugly always? I Request English Pundits to guide and help me. Now coming to the less serious part…. Bald Truth revealed by the wife, (regarding cause of her happiness) about her Bald Husband. 1. He doesn’t use my shampoo. 2. My brush is where, I leave it. 3. Easy to spot in a crowd. 4. Saves money on haircuts. 5. Will never have grey hair. I will add my own. No need for dying the hair. ba-bamail tells us 12 Fantastic Advantages of Going Bald image-pixabay,

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