‘Q’ sense -Animals vs Humans


It is said that people spend billions of hours waiting in line through out the world ,in order to get their things done.

What is Queue ?

According to Oxford Dictionary

1.British- A line or sequence of people or vehicles awaiting their turn to be attended      to or to proceed.

A list of data items, commands, etc., stored so as to be retrievable in a definite order, usually the order of insertion.

3.Archaic- A plait of hair worn at the back.

Why do we Queue ? ( Standing in the line )

Because it is polite to wait for your turn. Without Queue, there will be a total chaos, resulting in further increase in waiting time.

But still why some people jump the queue ? ( cutting the line )

May be they lack discipline or not keeping well or arrogant or they may miss appointment in some other place, may be carrying a sick child….. one can go on and on…and surely at least 90% of the times these jumpers face wrath of others.

Looks like Animals are better than Humans at any given time……


10 thoughts on “‘Q’ sense -Animals vs Humans

  1. Hi, I found you on First Friday.

    This is really funny–because ti is so true! I love the way you have spiced your writing with comical pictures, adn I love the style of your writing. Very good!

    If you would like some feedback to improve a couple of recurrent lexical or orthographical errors, let me know. Some people just like to write for fun and creativity, and don’t want that sort of feedback and others really appreciate it.

    Such a great topic. You have a lot of talent. I imagine you will gather quite the audience!

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  2. My pleasure. ‘Bouquets and brick bats!’ XD, that is brilliant! Very funny 🙂

    Just a few little things to focus on for now:

    -Double check you have used an article with nouns where required (a, an, the). Words where this was missing were queue (a queue), ‘miss appointment’ (miss an appointment), ‘face wrath of’ (face the wrath of).

    Don’t forget there are some nouns that never take an article, these are called mass nouns, and are things that need quantifying such as water (which can only become a bottle/ bucket/ drip of etc.)

    -Check you insert plural ‘s’ or ‘es’ when discussing nouns of more than one. ‘without queue’ (without queues)

    -Finally, just double check spacing after commas and full stops, and make sure it is always there. This really helps your reader follow the text more easily.

    The best way to improve your English is to keep writing and read widely. Blogs you know by writers with a good command of the language are always a good place to start!

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  3. Thank you so much.Your advice and suggestions will definitely help me in the Long run .You are so sweet and very helpful.I tell you being an Indian and India under British rule for more than 200 yrs,somewhere I still feel we lack some finer aspects of English Grammer.Though majority of Indians speak more than 4 languages,still English remains bonding language among them and we are fortunate that we are able to communicate to each other from Kashmir( North India ) to Kanyakumari ( tip of South INDIA ) ,from Gujarat (west India) to Bengal ( East India, via English.Yor kind words and helpful attitude are highly appreciated.Thank you again.Just for curiosity…..correct me again regarding my long reply……


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