The Magnificent 7


Number 7…The Magic Number !!

Sitting in the back seat of the car, the other day I was trying to take a photo of the Car Light trails with my HTC mobile.
To my surprise all the lights were resembling the Number 7 !!

Of course I am not sure of the Physics behind this ,but I can tell you about the Importance of the Number -7.

7 –Climes,7-Days,7-Dwarves,
7-Sins,7-yr old ( turning point in childhood development)
7-Colours in Rainbow,7-Petals of Rose,
7-Continents,7-Body Orifices,
7-Notes in the Musical Scale,
7-Sages of Hinduism ( Saptharishis)
7-Virtues,7-layers of the OSI model ( Computers )
Rule of 7 ( Business World too likes number 7 !! )

Any idea about – 7 Year itch ?

Looks like one can go on & on………


6 thoughts on “The Magnificent 7

  1. Ya they usually say if you cross the seven years of anything especially relationship it will last a life time but this is absurdity. I know many people who proved this wrong.
    7 has many significance in other religions too…example everything was created in 6 days and the 7th day God rested and it was called as Sabbath day…till tdy Jews follow Sabbath rituals.
    In Christianity this day is considered Holy Day and it is believed holiday of Sunday as worship day come from this…even though there is an argument abt Sunday being the first day of the week.
    BTW what significance does number 7 has for you Sri?
    Photography was 👌

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    1. Thank you Ana. for your insight and also appreciation of the photo.
      7 year itch is the potential period where in the couples are supposed to take a fresh stock of their relationship and move to the the next level.Some are succesful and some fail in the form of divorce.Again the whole thing depends of the individuals concerned and one can’t blame the other ! The problem comes because of ego tendencies.
      and also naturally one getting bored of other.I don’t have an answer, where the fault line is !
      You know the saying ” Familiarity breeds contempt” that can explain every thing and human minds always wants to taste newer things…….and the story never ends happily.
      I agree totally with you that crossing 7 years in relationship need not give any guarantee that ,the relationship is going to be successful and a role model !
      As you said various religions have come up with the importance of number 7 and having their own significance.
      If you ask my opinion on number 7……I think of Human relationship which is so vital for long term happiness….. is poorly misunderstood and mishandled by most of us and number seven is only for the sake of discussion.
      Thanks again.

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      1. Explained well enough and with wisdom. Some relationships are a misery from the beginning not because of ego or too much familiarity nor because of the wish to taste newer things but because it was just a mistake and separation is a relief to both parties or at least to the affected person. So what has 7 years got to do with this I don’t know. I sometimes feel some of the passed on beliefs from generation to generation is mere superstition. And there is no practicality in it. I don’t say everything but a few of them surely are.

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        1. Thanks again Ana.
          Yeah,agree that some relationships become misery right from day 1……..and I would like to put blame on incompatibility.And as you rightly said it’s a mistake right from the beginning…..but how this happened ? Whether it’s a love marriage or arranged marriage where things went wrong ? To be frank….. individual must be extremely lucky to get an understanding Partner.Otherwise as you correctly said, separation is the available solution,you can put behind all the nightmare and move on with fresh lease of life.
          Thank you for your insight.
          You can further enlarge the topic as to why the relationship is a mistake right from the day one…..

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