Human being vs Being human

human being vs being human

What is Human Being ? Scientists call us Homo sapiens,a member of the Animal Kingdom,however we are fortunate and never addressed by a fellow human being as an animal.Human being is a complex matter, and nobody is able to figure it out. May be a specialized animal,which can think,talk,express,and has bones and flesh. So what ? Other animals also can […]

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Liebster Award

Leibster Award

My sincere thanks to Radhika Acharya of Radhika’s Diaries for nominating me for Leibster Award for 2018. The Liebster Award is an award given by bloggers to other bloggers who they think need encouragement and recognition. It was started by The Global Aussie in 2011. The rules for the 2018 Award are as below : • Thank the person who […]

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Peace of mind vs Piece of mind

piece of mind

      What is peace of mind ? Peace of mind is…. inner tranquility or inner peace,absence of turmoil,having sound sleep in the night. What about piece of mind ? Piece of mind is … expression of somebody’s thoughts,rather some kind of advice or opinion. Which category you belong? Are you the one,willing to give peace of mind not […]

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There’s is so much I want to tell you about the way I’m disappearing      ‘Unknown’ The way technology is developing and the way things are changing on daily basis, no surprise that to day’s invention is becoming obsolete tomorrow Some of the people born after 1995, I am sure , may not be aware of the items shown in […]

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Thanks to Success Inspirers’ World , I am fortunate to Learn this unknown word  ( to me) Definition of liminal  ( Merriam Webster ) 1 : of, relating to, or situated at a sensory threshold : barely perceptible or capable of eliciting a response liminal visual stimuli 2 : of, relating to, or being an intermediate state, phase, or condition : in-between, transitional Though many examples are available, I would like give PROCESS OF SLEEP as an example of Liminal state where awakness gradually taken over by sleep. The process of gradual falling into sleep itself a wonderful feeling for all of us,where we can fantasize with our dreams requiring  no permissions   It is said that Creativity is at its best during this Liminal Dreaming. “Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you” Marsha Norman

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My simple question to the members. 1.Can you count how many times you use the word ‘I’ ‘Me’ ‘Myself’ every day ? 2. What is your take on ‘ Selfies’ ? ( I call it self destruction,in sense… many died while selfying ) 3. Do you agree with me that the Narcissim is getting reflected in our social Media? 4. Finally do you agree with me,when I say that all of us have a very very very small negligeble percentage of Narcissism which is fortunately acceptable to the society? My sincere apologies. I am not an expert sort of thing on Narscissism but Two things one must be aware of .. 1. Identifyingthe Narcissist. If you are intelligent enough,it is not very difficult to realize that the other person you are dealing has a very low self esteem,fit to be a narcissist. 2. Avoiding the Narcissist. Once you realize that the person has narcisstic trend, forever forget the person     irrespective of the intensity of the relationship you built,since you can’t change the narcissist. Thank you for taking your time in going through this post. 10 Signs You Might Be a Narcissist

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What is your definition of Happiness ?

  Are you happy all the time ? What do you think of ‘feeling happy & ”being happy’ ? If you are happy, do you also think that,you should make others happy ? Is it a must that you should make others happy too ? What is your happiness Quotient ? Can Preachers help us geting happiness ? Internet gives us billions of definition and meaning.But how to apply these on individual basis ? I can go on and on What is your answer ? If you ask me ..frankly I don’t have an answer. Thank you for taking your time to go through the article  

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The very word rebel make one think of some kind of revolutionary ,dangerous and irresponbile person and even destructive. I am not sure why one becomes rebel,and at what cost one becomes a sucessful rebel? Is there any such thing called ‘Good Rebel’ or ‘Bad Rebel’ ? Can a good rebel for some, can  be bad rebel for others ?I […]

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Unlikely ‘walking friends’

Don’t walk in front of me,I may not follow Don’t walk behind me,I may not lead Just walk beside me and be my friend ‘Albert Camus’ Instead of getting frightened by the presence of humans ,this bird seems to enjoy the company

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Flaunt Philosophy

via Daily Prompt: Flaunt Is flaunting good or bad ? How flaunting is enacted by humans and other Gods creations ? It is said that various creatures of God flaunt the beauty in their body to attract mates .That is perfectly OK. But in humans ? Whatever you flaunt… is a bit depressing to others,since human brain always carves for something better and others may feel inferior , leading  to jealousy  and totally destroying the inner peace. Instead I feel one should be modest. Remember flaunting attracts more enemies than friends.    

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Donkey Worship

Usually the words ‘Donkey” “Ass” are used in a derogatory way ( Dumb ass,Jackass etc meaning people who are stupid or of very low intelligence ), even parading the donkeys during the times of Protests ( i don’t know about other countries but in India, it is a common occurrence). May be a kind of public humiliation.I do not know […]

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The Magnificent 7

Number 7…The Magic Number !! Sitting in the back seat of the car, the other day I was trying to take a photo of the Car Light trails with my HTC mobile. To my surprise all the lights were resembling the Number 7 !! Of course I am not sure of the Physics behind this ,but I can tell you […]

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