Shhh…I’m hiding from the stupid people

Hide & Seek (2)
Through out the world young children love playing  ‘hide & seek’ . I always wonder how  & why   kids get excited,when they escape the glance of their parents or friends.
Hide & seek
May be the kid wants to explore the world independently,may be for the thrill of being alone,may be for the satisfaction that able, to fool around the friends.

It is an adult version of ‘Peek-a-boo’

The philosophy,what I think is,hiding is a kind of tension where the child is wondering whether  he may be found at all and then once he is found by parents or friends…then it results in excitement  and thus the combination of tension and excitement bring in thrill and  feeling of achievement by both the players.

Wish I get back my childhood !!


6 thoughts on “Shhh…I’m hiding from the stupid people

    1. very true.
      We never realised how our childhood ran away so fast ! All that we were worried was boring classes, bullying friends,competition,examinations,making fun of teachers,even harrassing them, etc etc…..forgetting the fun part in that age group of being children.How can one forget the love abundantly showered by the grandparents ? Don’t you remeber how you were pampered ?We were care free,no tension of money,no tension of any responsibility….all that we were expected to do was just pass the examination.How about games?We had so much fun playing with our friends! The other entertainement I had was cinemas,but rarely parents allowed.
      If Almighty gives me a boon….surely I will beg him to take me to my childhood days.

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