The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you aren’t going to stay where you are !

The Jorney

Thanks for joining me!

“The only impossible journey is the one you never begin”

Anthony Robbins

As we go through the journey together,let us make a soul search, regarding the happenings in the world of course with a philosophical and spiritualism angle along with a few aspects of rituals.

Majority of my photos belong to street photography genre and sometimes general category.

Please feel free to share the ideas,thoughts and photos if you think it is fit case.



    • Ahaa ! Adichakke ! Vadivelu Dialogue gnabagam varuthu.
      Ippothan Kandipidichingla ?
      Romba santhosham.
      Glad I could meet you…because of this journey.
      I am sure this journey is going to be full of wonders,coincidences,gaining new friends,and even lovely friends with similar vibes who keep me in good humor, lifting the purpose and value of my life further higher up.
      Yeas Ana,I just don’t know how to thank these affectionate and friendly personalities.It’s easier for me to thank God.

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