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Do you want to become Famous ? You must be thinking or wondering that, in order to become famous,you must possess qualification,training,experience, gain talent to work in a famous institute etc etc. My dear friend,there is no need for such things . Welcome to the internet,where you can come across people doing crazy things and get fame in seconds ! […]

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Do you agree that doctors belong to a glamorous profession ? I guess your answer is ‘yes’. Strangely Your answer is Wrong ! My friend,let me be frank here. Medical Profession is not as charming as many of you think. Majority of you wrongly think that it’s attractive and doctors earn a lot. By the time doctor starts earning decently […]

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#Musicmonday……People use this hashtag to tweet about their favorite music or what they are listening right now. OK. Here I want to share one of the greatest singers’s song,which is my favorite too,John Lennon’s IMAGINE In these days of Corona pandemic,the song is more relevant,as the singer rightly points out….. I too wish the world lives as one and help […]

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